Code of Ethics

1- Provide services to the client group respectful of human dignity and without consideration of social or economic status, ethnicity, or creed.
2- Hold in confidence all information obtained in the process of serving the client group.
3-Provides service that is competent and enlightened.
4- Participate in activities that contribute to on-going development of the services offered to the client group.
5- Participate in protecting the public from misinformation and misrepresentation related to breast cancer.
6- Collaborate with other organizations and professions to facilitate the highest quality of service to breast cancer patients and their families.
7- Maintain financial integrity and transparency in all BCFE transactions.
8- Assume responsibility and accountability for the accuracy of information disseminated to the client group and the public.
9-Act of safeguard the client group and public from incompetent services that effect breast health.

Form volunteered
Job Times Available
  Office Assistant
  Data Entry
  Information management and databases
  Awareness Committee
  Foundation set up bulletin pages in Arabic and English
  Financial issues
  Writing proposals and increased resources
  Public relations and communications with the media
  Commission Almtaaviac of breast cancer
  Support groups
  Events and community activities
  Volunteer Coordinator
  Writing press releases
Skills / or other sources can be provided

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