Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt Support all women in Egypt
Breast Cancer and Covid19
Fisrt Breast Cancer Dragon Boat
Race Against Cancer ....Make your voice heard
Healthy Food and Protection of Cancer
Invitation to take part in the race against cancer (World Cancer Day)
Drawing of the slogan of the World Cancer Day 2020
Raising Awareness of Caner
Laughter Yoga to Support Cancer Patients
Voyage for Breast Cancer Fighters to Celebrate Pink October
I Will Race Against Cancer 2nd World Cancer Day
Pink Day at Goldy's Gym
Paintings Exhibition Count Me English
Arabic version of Paintings Exhibition Count Me English
My Story is not over ...Count Me Forum
Arabic version of My Story is not over Count Me Forum
Metastatic Breast Cancer: Dumb Things People Say
Breast Cancer Awareness and Early Detection Medical Convoys
Prosthesis Service for Breast Cancer patients
Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for Breast Cancer Fighters
Myths about Breast Cancer and Early Detection
Wigs for Breast Cancer Fighters
Lymphedema treatment After Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Fighter Celebration of Easter
Life Without Breast Cancer
Be part of the Race Against Cancer- World Cancer Day 2019
#I_Will_Race_Against_Cancer - World Cancer Day 2019
I will Race Against Cancer - World Cancer Day 2019
Medical Convoys on Breast Cancer
Tennis Rally for the cure
World Cancer Day 2018
Breast Mammogram Examination
Workshop on Results of Count Us Survey on Metastatic Breast Cancer
Amina Maghreby Supports You Are the Light Campaign
Breast Cancer Risk Factors (You Are the Light Campaign with Avon)
Breast Cancer Syptoms and Early Detection ( You Are the light Campaign with Avon)
Your the Light Introduction Campaign with Avon
You are Brave and Can Do It
Individual and Group Psychological Support Sessions for Breast Cancer Patients
Prosthesis for Breast Cancer Patients
laughter Yoga Service for Breast Cancer Fighters- Psychological Support Program
Wigs Service for Breast Cancer Fughters
Lymphedema Treatment for Breast Cancer patients Service
Breast Cancer Mammogram and Medical Examination and Breast Cancer Surgical Operation Service
The First Football match by Breast Cancer Fighters
Life Coaching Service - Psychological Support for Breast Cancer patients
Together We Are Stronger
Mai Omar.. Ladies are champions and their fight against breast cancer is something great
Sameh Elsrety.. Dos Fe El-Khair
Fatmaa.. Your hobby is the source of your strength,, Search for it
launch Dos Fe El-Khair
Dos Fe El-Khair
Ahmed leukemia world cancer day
Yasmin Breast Cancer World cancer day
Lightening of Cairo Opera House in Pink
Lightening of Citadel of Salah EL- Din in Pink
Egypt in Pink
Egypt in Pink Celebration
Bloom in Pink-you are not alone
Bloom in Pink
SODIC charity Run with BCFE
SODIC charity Run with BCFE
SODIC Run 1 in 8 women
Pink Party Zumba 8
Pink Cure 6 Warm up
Pink Path Film
Women Circle's
Egypt Race For The Cure 2010
Promoted Video of the race for the Egyptian healing ® for 2010
Video Association Life Without Smoking race Egyptian International 2009
CIC project about breast cancer
Ayda Short Movie
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