Clinical breast examinations are offered to women who need follow-up after mammogram results indicate so. Follow-up is continued for those who require analysis of a breast lump.
As part of the process of promoting early detection BCFE offers mammograms to women over the age of 40.

A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast which is effective in showing abnormalities of the breast. A mammogram is recommended for women above the age of forty every year or two. It forms part of the three step process of early detection: breast self exam, clinical breast exam and mammogram. BCFE's clients are served through our collaboration with high quality mammogram centers.

If you wish to get a mammogram through BCFE, please call us to make a reservation.
BCFE offers surgeries for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. To learn more about the surgery options, please read the surgery booklet (in Arabic).
Follow-up continues for those who require analysis of a breast lump either before or after the surgery.
A breast prosthesis is an external breast form that fits in a bra cup to replace the natural breast. A prosthesis is moulded to form the natural shape of the breast, or part of the breast. After surgery of breast cancer women might feel a sense of loss to their body image and feel self-conscious about their appearance in front of the others. A breast prosthesis makes a great improvement in her body image.
BCFE offers a breast prosthesis and bra to women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer. Two kinds of prosthesis are provided:
1- A fabric prosthesis which is light, practical, long-lasting and locally-made.
2- A silicon prosthesis.
A well-fitted bra is a requirement for all prosthesis. The bras offered have good support and are also locally-made.
According to a recent BCFE survey on satisfaction of prosthesis, 81% of women said they felt a great improvement in psychological wellbeing since they are wearing their prosthesis, and many women had began to go back to work and socialize outdoors again.
Subsidized prosthesis and bras are offered through our means test process.
Contact BCFE for more information
Some forms of chemotherapy treatment cause hair loss. This can be a distressing time for many women and some have expressed that this is as upsetting as losing their breast. The conciliation in this is that hair loss is not permanent. However, during this time many women can benefit from wearing a wig or using stylish head wraps.
Some women prefer to use scarves at home and in public rather than wigs. Stylish scarf wraps are popular among many women in Egypt and shops are full of scarf accessories which can look very attractive.

Please contact us if you are interested in our wig service.
Support is offered to women affected by breast cancer. Individual professional support is offered to those who need one to one support from a trained counsellor.

Group support allows women to talk to others who have gone through similar journeys in diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

As part of the rehabilitation program for breast cancer patients and survivors, BCFE offers psychological support services:
1. Life Coaching
BCFE is holding a session twice monthly for free. Being diagnosed with breast cancer had an overwhelming impact to women’s life. It affects her family life, relationships, friends, career, income and most of women’s self-esteem as well. Life coaching provides support to survivor in rebuilding her life after breast cancer.
2. Laughter Yoga
Laughter is the best medicine. It decreases the many negative effects of stress which is the root cause of over 80% of all illnesses. It releases blockages and brings more oxygen to body and brain which makes one feel more energetic and healthy.
3. Individual psychological support with a specialist.
4. Group psychological support with a specialist.

BCFE invites all women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to take apart in this activity by calling 19417 and to register their names.
All support services are entirely confidential and led by support counselors.

It is an opportunity for women to share their concerns and look forward to a positive life after diagnosis. Information is shared on services and classes always involve quiet relaxation time.
Lymphoedema is a common complication following surgery and treatment for breast cancer. Lymphoedema is swelling of the arm and/or hand and sometimes occurs on the breast surgery area. Blockage to lymph nodes and lymph vessels due to treatment can cause lymph fluid build up in the interstitial tissues. Lymphoedema symptoms can be heaviness, pain, swelling and inflammation.
Women who complain of lymphoedema are assessed by trained BCFE staff and advised on awareness, risk precautions, and the optimum treatment recommendations according to her individual condition.
Treatment involves:
- Exercise
- Good skin care
- Compression sleeve
- Complete decongestive therapy

Aims of the lymphoedema treatment programme are:
- To assess the effectiveness of the treatment in reducing the main symptoms and the possibility of it returning again - To promote a better quality of life for women who have lymphoedema

See BCFE lymphoedema brochure for more information (in Arabic). Subsidized lymphoedema treatment and compression sleeves are offered through our means test process.Contact BCFE for more information

Lymphoedema awareness workshops Workshops on awareness, prevention and treatment of lymphoedema are held for women of all educational levels. Women are encouraged to openly discuss how they address the risks of lymphoedema and suggest possible solutions to their peers in the group.

This workshop includes nutritional advice and exercises. All women are checked if they have lymphoedema immediately after workshops and are referred for complete decongestive therapy if required. This is an engaging experience for many participants and BCFE has received a lot of positive feedback. Many women have benefited and found their lymphoedema has improved through these sessions.

Workshops are held monthly and by appointment. Numbers are limited, so please contact us by phone early in the month to secure a place.
1- Range of Motion Exercises.
BCFE patient service centre holds regular arm and shoulder exercise classes. These exercises improve range of motion and lymph drainage of the arm.

2- Qingong
BCFE also provides weekly qigong (pronounced chi gong) classes at al-Andalus garden. Qigong is an exercise which uses slow graceful movements with controlled breathing to promote the circulation of qi or energy in the body. Two hundred million people around the world practice qigong. A published research in the Annals of Oncology indicated that qigong can improve the overall quality of life of people with cancer, reducing fatigue, stress and improving mood.

To register for one of these classes, please contact us.
Awareness of breast cancer among the general public is an essential part of early detection.
BCFE delivers short talks to groups either NGOs, workplaces, women's groups or religious centres either in Arabic or English. Information is delivered in an informative yet informal manner encouraging audience participation and discussion.

The main aims of such talks are to erase stigma and fear associated with breast cancer, provide knowledge on navigation of early detection services and encourage women to adopt early detection advice.
BCFE implements early detection programs which include: awareness presentation, clinical breast examination, free mammogram, teaching breast self exam, and referral to a surgeon when needed. BCFE provides early detection and screening programs for non-profit organizations, clubs, educational institutions, professional organizations, as well as private and public places of employment.

BCFE also assists healthcare facilities in setting up screening programs. BCFE assesses the requesting agencies resources, provides training of their staff, provides the tools necessary to implement the program and supervises the implementation and works with the agency to evaluate the program.

If you belong to an organization in Egypt and near Cairo and are interested on having a screening program for your clients, members, employees or the community you serve, please contact us.
Financial contribution to any screening program is a requirement in some cases and based according to the financial status of the organization.
BCFE holds public events to increase the awareness of breast health and breast cancer early detection.
Training healthcare providers is an essential part of early detection.
BCFE has provided training for doctors, nurses and non-medical staff in many medical institutions.
BCFE conducts research and studies related to breast cancer, both on the social or medical terms, either through cooperation with local and international research institutions, universities, and other bodies.
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