BCFE celebrating March by #Keep_Going Campaign
The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt is celebrating March, the month of women. It includes the International Women's Day on March 8th, Egyptian Women's Day on March 16th, and Mothers' Day on March 21st.
BCFE is not only spreading health awareness between women but also supporting women of all ages in all scientific, social, and working fields. As well as, BCFE believes in gender equality and women empowerment.

Ghada Mostafa, Media and International Relations Director, assured that BCFE is launching many campaigns through March to encourage each woman to achieve her dreams, overcome all obstacles,, and take care of her health especially her breasts.

March campaign is called "Keep Going" which motivates all young girls and women, students, working ladies, and housewives to speak about her successful story with pride and appreciation. Dr. Mohamed Shaalan said that each girl needs a space to express herself and her success. So, the campaign seeks to push women to achieve their ambitions and plan new strategies for their lives and make it come true.

In collaboration with Universal and the Natinal Program for Women's Health, BCFE will contribute in a breast cancer early detection campaign which takes place in the International Cairo Fair from 16th to 25th of March. BCFE team will aware young girls and women about breast health, teach them how to self-examine their breast monthly. They also distributed flyers besides a free-mammograms car through the first 10 days of the fair.
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