The partnership between BCFE and student activities at universities to eradicate breast cancer

BCFE cooperated with " Fekra“ student activity at the faculty of medicine, Ain -Shams University” to increase the awareness of girls and women about breast health through by distributing BCFE publications for awareness and breast cancer warning signs and methods of self-examination.
Adham Rajab, president of activity, said that their awareness campaign aims to reach a large number of members of the community to make them aware of the most serious diseases. The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt welcomed the cooperation through which we are enabled to educate a large number of students and government employees, including more than 2,000 women and girls. He added that we were able to cooperate with the organization during the year 2015 to carry out numerous campaigns in the Ain Shams University, College Girls, Sports Development Center at Sheraton, Al-Shams club and Al-zohor club.
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