" Laughter Yoga" and "Life Coaching "Sessions .. new services for breast cancer patients
BCFE announced a new service for Breast Cancer patients in the framework of rehabilitation and psychological services provided by the foundation. It is "laughter yoga" sessions for patients and also survivors. The first session was organized by BCFE in Andalusia Park by the international certified trainer Dr. Ute Meniel.
Laughter yoga is useful for health and psychological condition of the human to become more optimistic and able to cope with the problems that pass by. From a health perspective laughing helps to strengthen the immune and respiratory system and activate endorphin hormone that is responsible for happiness and reduces Alchortazl hormone that causes psychological pressure and anxiety.
For cancer patients, Yoga changes the psychological state of patients from tension and fear to comfort and a sense of joy, which prevents disease progression opportunities.
Also BCFE organized 2 Life Coaching Sessions for the survivors during last week: the first one was on Wednesday 23/12 with Life Coach Mona Seleim in her office in Heliopolis, the second one was on Thursday 24/12 with Life Coach May Cholkamy in Bloom Center in 6th of October. The Foundation is keen to provide this service in different areas of Cairo and is currently in the process of organizing new sessions in it's office downtown Cairo.
The survivors find in these sessions a safe environment to discuss the problems and challenges they face after their recovery from cancer, on the personal, family and social levels including the work environment.
Life Coaching helps the survivors to face reality, and change their thinking perspective to reach new solutions.

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