Together to Stop Violence against Women, Breast Cancer is not an Excuse
The United Nations General Assembly has designated the 25th Novemberas “the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” The premise of this day is to raise awareness of the fact that women around the world subjectto rape, domestic violence and other forms of violence.
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shaalan Professor of Surgical Oncology and BCFE chairperson said that we have worked for 12 years, so the foundation through diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services for patients with breast cancer has been able to have a large database for breast cancer patients.
Dr. Mohamed Shaalan indicates that BCFE made a study conducted on 6043 cases of breast cancer to measure the impact of the disease on the social relationship of the patient and if they are exposed to any form of violence or physical or psychological one. The results showed that 31% of women exposed to that their husbands left home, 17% divorces 12% the husband marry another woman 10% of women exposed to an insult in a verbal way and offending their feelings 3% subjected to physical abuse from their husbands.
Dr. Mohamed Shaalan explained that the patient exposure to violence and psychological abuse leads to collapse of its psychological case, which prevents the body from disease resistance.

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