Sally Fouad: Your Health is Your Happiness
BCFE cooperated with the nutrition expert Sally Fouad to provide healthy recipes for the followers on Social Media in "Your Health is Your Happiness" campaign, to spread awareness for women and girls of the importance of healthy food and give them various options. Recipes depend on vegetables, fruits and natural ingredients more than manufactured and packaged ones.

It is well known among women that eating foods rich in fat and calories cause many different diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and bone diseases. But few of them are aware that the number of obese and overweight is one of the main causes for being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Dr. Mohamed Shaalan, BCFE Chairperson, says that a lot of people think that eating healthy food is expensive, but it is not. For example we can replace red meat, which is considered the most expensive meal, in other healthy alternatives. Shaalan confirms that women can decide their health path. They can protect themselves from breast cancer by looking carefully at what they eat.

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