Lissa Gameela  ..  "Collection of Poems " launched concert.
BCFE participated at Al Sawy Cultural Wheel concert for launching the collection of poems by Walid Abd Al-Monem that was named after " Lissa Gameela " song based on the true story of the survivor "Ghada Salah" that explained her feelings during her journey fighting breast cancer and how women find the strength and hope in their way to recovery. The song was performed by Fairouz Karawya , Menna Husein , May Abd Al-Aziz , Ahmed Hassan , Ahmed Al Haggar , Amr Ghaly and Omnia Hassan. for the first time on Al Sawy Cultural Wheel stage.
BCFE , Waleed Abd Al-Monem and all the singers honored Breast cancer survivors for their participation in community events to change the cultural stigma attached to having breast cancer.

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