BCFE for Gazerit Al- Quorsaya's Girls : Don't Feel Shy.
BCFE organized in collaboration with Al Bardi Charity Association and Pharaonic Village a day to raise awareness for the breast's health in Gazerit Al Quorsaya in Giza.
Ghada Mustafa , The director of media management in BCFE says that women of all ages listened to the tips for breast health and breast cancer risk factors and they ask questions that declare their interest in the prevention of the disease. As practically learned how to perform breast self-examination and gained a medical examination and mammogram X-ray and sonar for free.
It is notable that one of the ladies said, "My mother told me not to look to my breast on the mirror and never touch it.For this, Dr. Mohamed Shaalan, a professor of oncology surgery and Director of the Foundation says that, unfortunately, inherited social customs and misconceptions in our society control the fate of girls and women.
Dr. Shaalan Advised mothers teaching their daughters not to feel shy to conduct breast self-examination starting from the age of 20 where it is important to remove from their minds the concept of of fear or shame knowledge of breast health.
Dr. Mohamed Shaalan confirms that the BCFE is always sought to reach marginalized areas with limited service in Egypt to ensure the awareness is spreading for a large sector of the ladies.

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