Daily nutrition tips from Dr.Cherifa Abo Elfottouh
BCFE launched a new campaign on our Facebook page to provide daily nutrition tips provided by Dr. Cherifa Abo elfottouh ,Nutritional Consultant in the united nationa's world food program on how to improve our immune system and what is cancer prevention diet.

Here are some tips :

- Dr. Sharifa told us that there are foods help to reduce the risk for having cancers such as brown rice , vegetables, fresh fruit , juices, legumes, nuts and grains.

-Tomatoes .. The best fruits which contain Lycopene, research has shown that Lycopene reduces the risk of cervical cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer as well as protect against cardiovascular disease . We find Lycopene in the red fruit red vegetables such as red peppers, melons and strawberries.

- Garlic .. is considered a natural antibiotic because it contains about 400 chemicals, mostly of antioxidants that help prevent cancer and also have benefits like it helps to lower cholesterol , resists blood clots , prevent heart attacks , restores activity of the brain and treats Dr.Sherifa advices to a daily dose of garlic cloves like three bills or three grains or a small spoon of garlic powder or liquid.

- Broccoli one of the vegetables that help get rid of harmful estrogen, which is one of the causes of cancer and research has shown that those who eat broccoli to reduce their lung cancer, colon and vascular disease and heart.

- It is important to eat carrots. If we ate five carrots a day will reduce the incidence of stroke even if we had two that will reduce cholesterol in the blood and improves digestion and the well-known advice is that it strengthens the sight and moisturizes the skin.

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