World Cancer Day... "It's Not Beyond Us"
BCFE celebrated the World Cancer Day as a member of the Union for International Cancer Control. This year's slogan is "It's not Beyond Us". BCFE spent the day with breast cancer survivors doing Qigong and Yoga exercises. The day also included speakers talking about healthy lifestyles, how to turn negative energy into positive energy and improving the quality of life.

Dr. Mohamed Shaalan, professor of sugical oncology, Director of the Prevention and Early Detection Unit at the NCI and BCFE Chairman, said that the World Cancer Day this year focuses on four aspects:

1. Healthy lifestyles through healthy eating, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight throughout our lives.
2. Screening and early detection can raise survival rates as well as improve the treatment options available for the patient.
3. Treatment for all through the cooperation of non-governmental organizations with governmental medical institution to provide the best treatment.
4. Improving the quality of life by improving psychological health, opening toothers and not fearing the unknown.

Dr. Shaalan also said that by increasing international annual funding for cancer control by US$18 billion, we can save the lives of 3 million people or more by 2030.
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