ovartis launches 'Oncology On Air' campaign for raising awareness on Metastatic breast cancer
Novartis Egypt launched on Wednesday its second training event under the slogan of 'Oncology On Air', in order to raise awareness among journalists on the latest updates and solutions in the field of countering breast cancer particularly the advanced or third phase of the tumour that could spread into other parts of the body.

During his speech in the event, Emad Hamada, professors and head of tumours department at Qasr Al-Ainy faculty of medicine, said that breast cancer is the most popular tumour among tumour patients in the world generally and in Egypt as well. He added that breast cancer is responsible for about 15% of deaths of tumours and represents 35% of the tumour cases among women globally.

Mohamed Shaalan, professor of tumours and chief of the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE), reviewed the efforts of Novartis and the BCFE in launching the 'Unmute the Silence' campaign for raising awareness of breast cancer, which included sessions and conferences cooperating with ministries of health and scientific research, as well as encouraging patients to participate in the clinical trials.

Dr. Ibrahim Waly, communication professor at American university in Cairo a training on using videos and infographics in digitial media.
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