“Tennis Rally for the Cure” for the first time in Egypt with The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt.
Tennis Rally was held for the first time of its kind in Egypt for the cure to support Breast Cancer Patients. By a collaboration between The Breast cancer Foundation of Egypt and both, Mrs. Wong, a Breast Cancer Survivor and her son Kin Wah, from Malaysia.
The Rally’s idea was suggested by “Kin Wah” because he lived his mother’s illness since he was 7 years old. He decided that it’s a must to support the Early Detection cause about Breast Cancer with any possible way. So he took advantage of his talent at tennis and launched the Tennis Rally for the cure.
The event was divided in two separate days, the first was hosted by ‘Arabella’ Club and ‘Seven Court’ in 5th Settlement district on the 14th of October. On the 28th of October was the second day and it was hosted by ‘Victory College School’ in Maadi. Whoever wanted to participate in the rally would pay any amount they can/want, and they are fully aware that all the benefits will go to The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt’s Services and Patients.
The event was successful as it hosted many players who wanted to be a part in supporting such a huge cause behind the rally itself, as some of the high scorers won simple gifts.

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