About BCFE
A small group of 24 founding members, Egyptians and expatriates concerned with the high incidence of breast cancer and the lack of related support services in Egypt joined together to form an organization to address the problem. Individually they represent health care professionals, breast cancer survivors, and civic spirited citizens. Collectively they are a driving force to bring breast cancer awareness, education, and services to Egyptian women.

The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE) is an NGO registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, registration number 5840/2004.

Life Without Breast Cancer
BCFE's mission is to promote breast health through breast cancer awareness, education, and research and to facilitate services and support to women in all social and economic strata.
BCFE Objectives
Founding Members
  •   Prof. Mohamed Shaalan
  •   H. E. Osama Saleh
  •   Mr. Amr El Akhrass
  •   Prof. Hossam Kamel
  •   Prof. Madiha Khattab
  •   Amb. Moshera Khattab
  •   Dr.  Laila Takla
  •   Mr. Aly Ghoniem
  •   Mrs. Lori Goodwin
  •   Dr. Mohamed El Hag
  •   Mrs. Ann Marie Harrison
  •   Dr. Farkhonda Hassan
  •   Mrs. Omaima Hatem
  •   Dr. Baha El Din Helmy
  •   Prof. Yasser Abdel Kader
  •   Amb. Michel de Salaberry
  •   Mrs. Nadia Sarhan
  •   Mrs. Bridget Brosnan
  •   Mrs. Lois Crooks
  •   Mrs. Lesley Ellarby
  •   Mr. Abdel Monem El Shafei
  •   Ms. Omniyah A. El Shafei
  •   Mrs. Faiza Abdel Khalick
  •   Dr. Hanan Gewefel
Board Members
Dr. Mohamed Shaalan
Chairman of the Board Members
   Mr. Amr El Akhrass Treasurer
   Mr. Omr El Abd General Secretary
   Dr. Ahmed Aboul Fotouh Member
   Mr. Amr Talaat Gamal Member
   Ms. Bothaina Al Qasaby Member
Dr. Mohamed Shaalan
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
   Mr. Ashraf Aziz Financial and Administrative Director
   Mr. Mohamed Mamdouh Chief Accountant 
   Mrs. Ghada Mostafa Khalafallah Media and External Relations Director
   Ms. Ghada salah Women's Health Center Director
   Mrs. Naglaa Naeem Administrative Services Coordinator
   Mr. Mohamed Raouf Graphics and creativity assistant
   Ms. Aya Zaki Public Relations Assistant
   Ms. Esraa Saad Community Outreach Assistant
   Mrs. Aya Hassan Patient Services Program coordinator
   Mrs. Sara Mansour Patients Services Program Assistant
   Ms. Sarah Makram Patients Services Program Assistant
International Partnerships