Donation Invitation
The Commercial International Bank CIB
Donate via the Commercial International Bank CIB, account number 6666
2590000697 (EGP)
Commercial International Bank (CIB) Account number 2590300493 (USD)
Swift Code: CIB EE GCX025
The United Bank
Account Number: 002600025001 (EGP)
Banque Misr
Account Number: 381/1/118 (EGP)
National Bank of Egypt
 Account Number: 1503070790773801018 (EGP)
Alex Bank
Account number: 101795314001 (EGP)
Swift Code: ALEXEGCX
Arab African International Bank
Account Number: 701289 (EGP)
Swift Code: ARAIEGCX
Housing and Development Bank (HDB)
Account number: 6666
Swift Code: HDBKEGCA
Account Number: 3018468
Egypt Post
Acount number: 6666 (EGP)
Send 6666 in SMS to 9797 (1 SMS =5 EGP)
You can donate through Masary outlets all over Egypt
You can donate through Fawry outlets all over Egypt
Note: Donation on Service Code: 6666

You can donate through BEE outlets all over Egypt
Online Donation
Now you can donate online by VISA or Master Card
Click Here
Zakat and Sadaqa
BCFE accepts Zakat and Sadaqa
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